Is Tom Brady dating transgender Chris from MrBeast? This is what rumors say

Tom Brady, the famous NFLplayer, recently made headlines when he hinted at working with MrBeast and his team. This got everyone excited, and when he posted a picture with the YouTube star, Jimmy, fans were even more amazed. Not only did they get the iconic duo, but there was also a surprise appearance by Jimmy’s close friend in the photo.

The internet was buzzing with rumors about whether Tom Brady is dating Chris Tyson, a friend of the popular YouTuber Mr. Beast. Recent photos of Brady with supermodel Irina Shayk made it seem like the rumors about him dating Tyson might not be true. Even though there were rumors about Brady and Tyson being romantically involved, it looks like they are just really good friends.

There’s also been talk that Tyson went through a big change in life, transitioning from being a boy to a girl and now going by the name Kris Tyson. This news adds more to the discussion, but neither Tyson nor Brady has said anything to confirm a romantic relationship between them. So, it’s still unclear whether Tom Brady is dating Chris Tyson or not.

The iconic NFL player, Tom Brady, has had an illustrious career spanning 23 seasons. He was a key player for different teams, like the New England Patriots and later the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His amazing skills on the field have made him one of the best quarterbacks in history. Throughout his career, he’s achieved a lot, winning many Super Bowls and getting MVP awards.’s%20also%20been,getting%20MVP%20awards.

She changed her name to Kris on Social Media

Chris Tyson, now Kris Tyson, has become a popular person in creating content online. First recognized as a friend of the famous YouTuber MrBeast, Tyson has now made a name for themselves in the digital world. They have a growing number of followers on social media because of their interesting content and their participation in different challenges and prank videos with MrBeast.

Apart from their online presence, Chris Tyson has been in the spotlight for their journey of discovering more about themselves. They made a significant decision in February 2023 to openly talk about undergoing hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which was an important moment in their life.

In conclusion, while the rumors about Tom Brady dating Chris Tyson continue to swirl, there has been no confirmation from either party. Both individuals have made significant contributions in their respective fields and continue to capture the public’s interest.’s%20interest.

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