US Open champion Coco Gauff learns Chinese culture!

The American is in Beijing, the city in which she will play the China Open 2023 and, where these days, she is enjoying some Chinese cultural activities

Coco Gauff is in Beijing, the city in which she will play the China Open 2023 and, where these days, she is enjoying some Chinese cultural activities. The winner of the US Open 2023 has in fact tried her hand at traditional Chinese calligraphy, in the preparation and ceremony of tea and in the playing of a typical stringed musical instrument.

The young North American star wrote on Instagram, in the post where she shared images of her activities: “I enjoyed learning and experiencing some new things about Chinese culture! Thank you for the hospitality.”

Coco is relaxing just on the eve of her come back on the court, with the young tennis icon ready to take on the tennis legacy left by Serena Williams.

There will now be many expectations on her, but Coco is one of those generational stars capable of achieving amazing results: she will be a sporting icon on and off the court.

Coco Gauff: “Winning the US Open was more of a joy than a relief”
The 19-year-old recently talked about her victory in New York in an interview with NBC’s Today, explaining: “It’s still crazy.

Even last night I was telling myself: You’re a Grand Slam champion, and it doesn’t feel real at all. I feel like everything had hit suddenly because I didn’t want to tell myself it was a match point, I didn’t want to start shaking.

In my previous matches it took me about six, seven match points to win. In the past I thought it would be more relief than joy, but I think with all the growth and maturity I’ve achieved, it’s definitely more joy than relief.

I was just grateful and realized that all the difficult moments only served to make that moment even sweeter. I think if it had been easy, I wouldn’t feel as grateful as I did in that moment.”

The US Open tournament with Coco Gauff returns to an American player: “It couldn’t have been more perfect than this moment, to do it in America, in New York City, it’s just amazing.” Winning at home also means having the support of your family: from father to mother, everyone was present at Flushing Meadows to support the young tennis player: “My father wore a t-shirt with the writing: Imagine.

He simply said he bought it at the start of the tournament. He said that he had the idea that I would reach the final and that if I did he would wear that shirt. And I think you just have to imagine that your dreams can come true.”

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