Venus Williams, 42,:“I’m Still A Virgin… Never Had Sex Or Slept With Any Man Before”

Virginity at 42 isn’t believable in the current world where people get into relationships as early as in their teens. However, we do have a few who’ve seemingly broken the norm. So, if you think the 41-year-old virgin is just a movie, think again.

One of these honorable women includes Venus William, a 7-time grand slam winner, who is confirming that it’s indeed possible to be a virgin even at 41. Tennis star Venus Williams is still a virgin according to inside source.

Venus Williams is sticking to her strict Jehovah Witness upbringing. Jehovah Witness practice does not allow sex before marriage. Venus’ sister Serena did not abide by the rule of sex without marriage as she had numerous relationships before getting married and giving birth to a daughter.

“It is funny because Venus decided as a child that she would wait until she finds her husband before having sex, Serena did not go that route. But it turns out that Serena is married while Venus is still looking for a husband,” the source said.

The source confirms that Venus is currently dating and the family hopes that this one will be husband quality so that the tennis star can get married.

A Jamaican man recently offered Serena Williams acres of marijuana if she would divorce her husband and marry him.

If Serena does not take up the Jamaican’s offer, maybe she can extend it to Venus Williams instead.

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