Venus Williams reveals how she fell in love with discipline in mic drop speech

Venus Williams delivered the speech at the 10X event held by the Cardone’s.

Venus Williams delivered a very motivating speech on discipline at the 10X Ladies event held by Elena Cardone, the wife of the famous CEO Grant Cardone.”I honestly believe discipline is freedom. When you have discipline you get what you want.

When you don’t have discipline you don’t get any of what you want. So you’re free to live your dream, you’re free to do the things you love, and then you start to come to love the discipline and then when you don’t have the discipline that’s when the anxiety sets in because you know you’re not paying the price.

And if you don’t pay the price, you get nothing. So you got to pay the price and then you have to have discipline and then the world is open to you,” Williams said.

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A post shared by Elena Cardone (@elenacardone)

Venus Williams recently revealed what pushes her at her age
Before her first round defeat in Montreal, Venus Williams, 43, revealed what keeps her on the WTA Tour at her age.

“Winning is not just the moment, winning is the culmination of the efforts that it takes to get to that moment. So when you succeed and you execute the things the way you want to, it is the ultimate satisfaction because it is the ultimate effort that went into it.

So the winning starts long beforehand,” Williams said.”Tennis is a game. It’s a job. I don’t take it personal. I want to be my best and I’m not happy when I lose, and I don’t like some of the results that may happen, but it’s a job.So if you can take the emotion out of it and realize this is my job, I think most people when they go through stuff and they’re unhappy, they don’t quit their job.

They gotta keep the lights on. Tennis really is the same thing. You keep going to work. I think I always understood that.”

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