Venus Williams sends spicy message to Dimitrov during live interview

In the past, Venus Williams faked a faint when Dimitrov showed her his sculpted abs.

While being interviewed by Prakash Amritraj on the Tennis Channel, Grigor Dimitrov received a spicy message from Venus Williams. “Why do I faint all the time when I see you? And I think you are the hot*est on tour,” Amritraj read Venus’ message.

Dimitrov responded in a friendly and funny way by remembering to everyone the online gym session they had together. During that session, Dimitrov showed Venus his abs at her request. “Dear Venus, we need to do another of our online sessions,” said Dimitrov.

Dimitrov is one of Venus Williams’ favorite dinner dates
Last year, during an Instagram live, a fan asked Venus Williams which tennis players she would have dinner with.

Venus came up with three names. “I choose Serena Williams, Reilly Opelka and Grigor Dimitrov. I’m sorry, I can only choose these and they are the people I am most attached to on the Tour,” said Venus. Besides Venus, Dimitrov has a lot of admiration for Serena Williams.

As proof, here’s what the Bulgarian had to say about Serena’s withdrawal from professional tennis. “You know, I don’t even know what to wish in the sense that her hands are in so many different opportunities, like businesses and everything like that,” Dimitrov said in a video posted by the ATP.

“For me, all I can wish her is lots of health and like, enjoy what’s gonna after that because I know what’s ahead, we’re such good friends and it’s gonna be such an honor for me to go around the same path as you outside the court, and lot of beautiful moments ahead.”

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