Victoria Azarenka is tired of talking about the war: “I don’t care”

Vika commented at the press conference on the novelty that appeared during the WTA 500 in Washington

Victoria Azarenka commented at the press conference on the novelty that appeared during the WTA 500 in Washington. In order to avoid any kind of controversy and conflict between Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians, a decision has finally been reached.Signs appeared on the scoreboards explaining to the crowd in the stands what would or would not happen after the match, such as the question of the handshake.Vika thus returned to talking about the war theme, remarking how she ran out of patience always discussing the same topic: “I don’t care.

How long will we still talk about it? Is it a great story? Is it interesting for people to keep writing always the same thing, I just don’t care. Go on. Let’s play Tennis. As I said at Wimbledon, I accept and respect someone’s position.

That’s all, no more.”

Azarenka analyzes the defeat against Svitolina
Vika then explained after the second defeat in a row against Elina Svitolina, this time at the WTA in Washington: “Obviously I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to turn things around.

I felt I played it right. Only the execution of some shots in even important moments of the match didn’t reward me. She played better in the key stages. I kept missing a bit here and there so it was definitely disappointing with the result but I felt like I played the way I had to.

I hope I can build on that. After a break it’s never easy to pick up right away, but at the end of the day it’s moving forward.”Azarenka then focused on the opponent’s way of playing: “I think I said it before: she’s really playing for free right now.

I could be wrong, it will be just my opinion, but it seems that there is nothing for her to lose. And I think this maybe helps in important moments. I felt I was aggressive and dictated the game. We will take some time to play a few more points, some more repetitions before the next tournament. I didn’t feel like I had enough practice.”

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